Office Tour

We understand your need to receive treatment in a practice where you feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. Please feel free to schedule an appointment, or stop by for a complete tour of our practice.

You will get to meet our team, walk through our office and treatment areas, and learn more about the treatments we provide.

Welcome to Schacter Orthodontics!
In our colorful waiting room, patients and parents comfortably enjoy their choice of books, magazines, and contemporary art, as well as free wifi.
Our front desk
Sherri will greet you at the front desk when you arrive.
In our ultra-modern treatment bay, patients of all ages enjoy our comfortable chairs, panoramic view of the valley, complimentary iPads, hand-held Marbles brain store games, and extensive yearbook collection of local schools going back more than 30 years.
Our tooth brushing area.
This is our consultation room where we examine new patients, review proposed treatment plans, and treat patients who prefer more privacy.
Our in-office patient restroom for your convenience and privacy.
Relax on our patio bench.

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